Saturday, 29 July 2017

A unique “Horse Show Checklist”!

Heading off to a show this weekend?.
(condensed from hunter judge, Laura Kelland ‘s May17 blog)

DON’T go to the show  if:
§   you aren’t getting excellent rides at home, mentally and physically, both you and your horse.
§   you haven’t taken your horse off-property in many months (go somewhere lower-key first).
§   you haven’t done your “homework”: both you     and your horse are fit, and riding AT LEAST one level (regardless of discipline of riding) higher than what you will be doing at the show.
§   you are struggling with a component that you will need at the show.
§   you absolutely HAVE TO take home the winning ribbon/prize/championship (well, ok, unless you are there to win thousands of dollars or the Olympics).
§   you are unprepared in terms of tack/supplies

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