Friday, 2 June 2017

Legalizing cribbing?

The debate around legalizing marijuana continues. Some would say it’s condoning a vice. What about “condoning” cribbing? More and more researchers  are leaning toward it.
Dr. Daniel Mills, an equine behaviorist UK specializes in stereotypies. “ I’d generally say, unless the horse colics recurrently, that it’s better to allow him to crib then to prevent it through collers or surgery”. He these interventions do nothing for the motivation.
Other behaviorists say cribbing could be reduced using a cribbing collar, but  removed for short periods of time so a horse can occasionally act on his need to crib without incurring too much physical damage.
These are the things experts do agree on:

  •         Cribbing isn’t  a habit learned by watching other horses
  •        There’s a genetic  predisposition, most common to TBs and next to QHs. Cold  bloods are    those least likely to crib. It’s rarely seen in ponies (those resilient critters).
  •        Abrupt early weaning coupled with feeding concentrated grain seems to be a trigger.
  •       Anxiety is a common factor.
Prevention and eliminating the source of anxiety may eliminate the need to crib.
 Hmmm…could the same be said about pot?

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