Monday, 9 March 2015

Cleaning out the trailer tack room- and other life lessons.

Ok, honestly, who cleans out the trailer tack room after the last show?  But isn’t  that spring show motivation to unload the moldy ribbons and rusty bobby pins before loading the horses and hitting the road?
Wow – it made me think of how this wisdom applies to other aspects of life. As a leader for a community divorce recovery group, I see so many folks quick to skip the spring cleaning step on the way to the excitement of a new relationship.
But the sad reality is that we drag our messiness into the next relationship. Belief systems, unresolved hurts, debt and habits will resurface in that next romance, the next job or the next town. Although it’s sad to see some join the program after the second or third breakup (especially when there are kids involved) I’m glad to see they’re ready to do some sober assessment and healing before heading down the road.
“In all my years of counselling, I’ve discovered that people don’t have marriage problems…people with problems get married.” Author, pastor Andy Stanley
By the way, if someone you know is hurting from divorce or separation, there may be a Divorce Care group nearby. I really recommend this 12 week course.

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