Sunday, 14 July 2013

Five Top Reasons for the Horse and Rider Communication Gaps

I make my living observing horses and riders. And I’ve done my own personal survey over 25 years of training and teaching. I’ve had my share of roadblocks with horses, coached riders step by step through others and, as a show judge, winced from a distance at horse and human meltdowns.

So here’s the most common things that get us stuck, according to the science and from my experience:

1. The horse doesn’t understand the cue and the rider assumes he does.

2. Noisy signals and conflicting aids from the rider

3. Vagueness. The horse person can’t clearly articulate their specific cue for a specific response.

4. Emotions block comprehension or clear signaling in horse or human (fear, anger)

5. The rider doesn’t understand (or care) about the horse’s viewpont - how horses think and learn.

What do you think? Can you add to the list?

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