Monday, 19 December 2011

Competition Outside the Ring

Sometimes there’s more competition that goes on outside the show ring than inside, don’t you think?

Horse owners at a boarding stable compare training methods and horse management practices, hoping to become the barn expert. Horse show “groupies” chit chat at ringside with their assessments of competitors, judges, and show management, but never seem to compete themselves, perhaps fearing that they’d be the objects of criticism. Trainers boast of their next winner. Name dropping, gossip and gloating over the trials and tribulations of others. From Discussion boards to Facebook, horse people love to compete!

One of the quickest ways to diffuse the flaming arrows of negative comments is to throw a positive arrow back. Responding to a gossip with a positive comment about the targeted person, or a possible explanation for their unfortunate situation can often stop the conversation. Folks who believe the best about others are the real winners!

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